7 Proven ways to make money from your food blog

A food blog is a fun way of engaging in a hobby while making a profit from it.  There are different types of food blogs which one can engage in and among them include, writing about food recipes, reviewing food at different places or restaurants and food travel. This post focuses mainly on the recipes blogs although some of the methods can apply to other types of food blogs as well.

However, running a successful food blog that generates an income monthly is hard work. Here I have compiled 7 money making strategies that can help you to generate money from your food blog even if you are a newbie blogger.

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Freelance Work
  4. Affiliate Commissions
  5. Food catering services
  6. Selling a Product, eBooks, or Cookbooks
  7. YouTube Channel

Sponsored posts

 Working with brands can also earn you an income especially if you are a new blogger with not much traffic to your blog. For my other blog, (which is a food blog), I started by listing down all manufacturing food products companies I knew and felt that could do brand sponsorships for especially the ones that I had already seen do brand awareness using influencers before. I put together a media kit explaining what my blog is all about and the social media following I then had. I added some photos of my recipes to the media kit and my contact information. I then wrote emails to these companies expressing interest on how I would like to work with them. I heard from 3 different companies and had the opportunity to do some paid work for them, and this was my first cheque for my blog ever which was really exciting for me.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a great way to earn income if you have your blog traffic begins to pick up. You can do your own private advertising by approaching companies to advertise on your site but I personally prefer using advertising companies such as Google AdSense, Mediavine etc. I was approved for Google AdSense in August of 2018 and since then I have had some passive income slowly coming in. As my traffic is still very low, these earnings are not much but are improving every day.

Freelance work

You can also earn some blog income by doing freelance work such as writing content for other blogs and getting paid for it as well as offering your food photography skills to clients that are willing to pay for them. A lot of food bloggers earn money from photographing and video shooting for other bloggers or brands. Another way you can earn money is by selling some of your photos on apps such as Foap.

Affiliate Commissions

You can also recommend a product to your readers. For example, if you have favourite appliances that you use in your cooking process such as blenders, mixers etc., you can create an affiliate link to this product through Amazon and include the link in some of your recipes. In that way, you earn a very small amount from this product recommendation at no extra cost to the buyer.

Food catering for small events

You can also advertise for food catering services for small events or sell some of your treats at events such as a farmers market.

Selling a Product, eBooks, or Cookbooks

The most effective strategy to make money from your food blog would be to sell your own products or digital downloads. These products can be physical products such as printed cookbooks, mugs, or they can be digital downloads such as ecookbooks and meal plans.

To sell things from your food blog, you will need to install a plugin that adds an online store such as Woocommerce. 

Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel not allows you to add video recipes to your blog, it also helps you find new users who can become active subscribers, and your most engaged fans. With videos on your channel, you can also earn from display advertising from Google AdSense.


Making money from a food blog can be quite slow in the beginning. Have patience. Once you have a decent sized audience, your hard work begins to pay off. Focus on publishing quality content and interacting with bloggers and readers.

What are some ways you monetize your food blog?  Comment below

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