How to achieve your goals in one year

In order to achieve your goals in one year and faster than most people, you need to approach life strategically.

There is a difference between being busy and being productive. Being busy is merely spending time doing things of no real value or those that do not add to your success.

Being productive, however is strategically using your time to achieve your goals one by one. Let us review some strategies you can use to be a productive high achiever.

Start by setting long term goals

Goal setting is the first step for any endeavour one may embark on.

Spend time to establish what it is you would like to achieve in the next 5-10 years.

Make sure you are clear and specific on the actions that need to be taken.

Break it down

Once you have your long term goals, break them down to monthly and weekly goals.

Identify the key things that you need to achieve per month and the key actions you need to take during the week to achieve those monthly goals.

Every Sunday, set new weekly goals and review the previous week’s progress.

Begin to focus on days

Begin to focus on days in order to be very effective. Many people set New Year resolutions and find that they get off track and forget to follow through because 12 months is a long time to stay motivated.

However, when you just list 5 items you need to get done in one day, it is easier to remain focused than if you are concentrating on a longer time frame.

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It is much easier to track your progress daily than yearly.

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Do the things you do not enjoy casually

Start your day by doing the things you do not enjoy first and approach them casually.

For example, if your daily routine involves a part where you have to type and you do not necessarily enjoy typing, make a deal with yourself. If you need to type for 2 hours that day, break it down into 30 minute sessions.

Type for the first 30 minutes, and then break for some 20 minutes to do something you like doing or to indulge in your favourite comedy series episode.

Resume and repeat until all 4 sessions have been done. You will find that the daunting task you were dreading has disappeared and you did not get stressed with it.


If you want to achieve your goals early and much faster, you need to consider collaborating with others.

Expand your network and seek to learn and benefit from other people’s skills. Coming together on a project also increases efficiency and produces results faster.

Maximize your mornings

Hours of the day are not the same. Even though 1 hour in each day lasts for 60 minutes, an hour in the morning is not the same as an hour in the afternoon.

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Your productivity and creativity is greatest in the morning and that is why you need to maximize the first few hours of the morning.

Put simply, do most of your important work before 11 a.m.

Associate with those on the same mission as you

Make sure that you are spending most of your time with those that share your goals or are a source of motivation to you.

Beware of people that have no clear goals in life because they will prove to be a distraction to you.

People without goals and sense of direction spend time gossiping and discussing all the negative events of their lives including those on the news.

You need to avoid such type of people as they do not add any value to your life. Seek out friends that are busy with new and fresh ideas that contribute to your goals and open your mind to new things.