How I made $408 in my second month of full time blogging

Making money for the first time as a blogger is the best feeling ever.

 I made my first blog income on my other website which is a food blog. When I started the blog, I did not post very often because I was just a hobby blogger then, sharing only my favourite recipes from time to time.

 However, in December of 2018, I got really interested in Pinterest as a source of inspiration and ideas for my blog. While scrolling through it, I kept on finding posts from bloggers that talked about wonderful things they were doing with their blogs and how much income they were earning from it. I decided to take blogging seriously just to see if I could really earn from my blog.

 I used several earning methods for food bloggers I read about and I managed to make a total $403 by the second month of blogging seriously .

 Here below are the methods I used;

1. Google AdSense
2. Freelance work
3. Sponsored Posts
4. Catering

  1. Google Adsense

I started by applying for Google AdSense on my blog which was already over 6 months old hence I got approved at the very first attempt of my application. Although this is an effortless way to get some cool cash, it did not yield much because I did not have a lot of traffic coming to my blog.

  • Freelance work

I took the opportunity to find some freelance work just for the experience. I managed to find some writing jobs in different niche topics at the job board for

  • Sponsored Posts

I started reaching out to brands to market myself and what I do for some influencer advertising. So far, I have worked with 2 different companies, advertising their products as a part of my recipes.

  • Catering

I also had 3 clients request that I do catering for their small events and this contributed greatly to my income.

The total income for all these methods amounted to $408. Here is the breakdown;

  1. Google AdSense $12.62
  2. Freelance Work $30
  3. Sponsored Posts $240
  4. Catering Services $126

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