How to discover your passion and purpose in life

How can I discover my passion and purpose in life?

This is a big question that everybody wants the right answer to.

The advice that is usually given is to look inside (in you) and ask yourself the right questions. As simple as this sounds, it may take years for one to arrive at the right answers. You might even go through a confusing phase but rest assured that it is a normal part of the process.

How to find your true passion in life is not exactly easy but our gut knows, and we just need to pay more attention to it. 

Here are a few tips and strategies to help you get through it faster

Sit Back and Reflect

In our society, distractions are endless.  It takes a while for you to realize that you are actually unhappy and going down a path you do not really want to be on.

Therefore, you need to schedule some time to sit back and reflect if your life is really going in the direction of your dreams.

Go for a long walk in silence, a weekend getaway to a secluded cabin where you can get some peace and quiet and really get to the root of who you are and what you want to do. 

Conduct trial and error experiments

In your journey to find out your true purpose, you will miss it, and many times. Do not despair.

It is a part of the process. Bear in mind that not many people get to find out their passion and true purpose in life because the journey is hard.

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You will have to try and err and try again. Those that stay committed till the end are the ones who get it. 

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Remember what you dreamed of as a child

Remembering what you dreamed of as a child will help you figure out what you are drawn to.

It might remind you what you are naturally good at and what type of things you are attracted to.

Whatever you might have wanted to do as a child might still be in you as children tend to be fearless dreamers and without any limiting beliefs.

What do you enjoy reading about?

What subject can you read a hundred books about without getting bored? It might even be documentaries, movies etc.

Observe yourself carefully and see what types of subjects excite you and those that you can discuss without losing enthusiasm.

What do you do with ease and better than everyone else?

Put simply, what is your gift or your talent? The thing that you do with the most ease and better than everyone else is something you might want to look into and pursue.

You can sharpen your skills in this area and stay committed to achieve excellent results.

Suppose you didn’t have to work for money, what is one job you would still do enthusiastically?

Finding the answers to these questions will give you a clear direction as to where you should be headed when it comes to your purpose in life.

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Understand that it takes time

Getting to know your passion and purpose in life takes time hence you need to be patient. Understand that it takes time, but it is a worthwhile project. it might take some risks, some sacrifices and a whole lot of courage, but if you are determined and persevere, you will get there.