How to Stay Motivated When Overwhelmed at Work

Although some people work best under pressure, sometimes your workload can be too much and you might end up losing motivation, it might even seem like the best option is to throw in the towel. Luckily, this article has come to your rescue and will teach you how to stay motivated when overwhelmed with a lot of work.

How to stay motivated when overwhelmed

Plan and organize your work

 When tasks are staring down at you without any structure, your workload can appear to be overwhelming.

Categorizing your work in terms of urgency and importance is a technique that can help determine what needs to be done first.

Start with the low hanging fruit

The saying “getting started is the hardest part” exists for a reason. When faced with daunting tasks it is best to start with the simplest of tasks.

Completing these will give you a sense of accomplishment and will give you much needed momentum and confidence to carry out other tasks.

Not all tasks give you the same outcome. So choose one task or project that produce the most result and work on it first.

Take a breather

When you feel you have hit a wall, take a break. Drink water, eat a snack, stretch or take a deep breath.

These can also be done when you complete a task as they help you to regain your focus. You cannot get a lot done if you dehydrated, panicking or hungry.

Affirmation and positivity

An important tip on how to stay motivated when you are overwhelmed is to remain positive.

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A positive mindset can take you a long way when you are overwhelmed.

If you are defeated mentally even before starting the task, then you have already lost the battle so stay calm and positive.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Also remind yourself from time to time that you can successfully complete the task. This will give you the willpower to go on and complete your tasks.

Take it one step at a time

Do not think about other tasks or try to multitask. Focus on the task at hand and try not to think about the tasks you have to do after the current task.

Work in small chunks as opposed to biting off more than you can chew. Multi-tasking doesn’t allow you to be more productive. Instead, it produces stress.

Your mind simply can’t handle so many tasks at the same time. To stay motivated, try focusing on one task at a time.

Set targets and goals

Nothing gives better satisfaction when you are swamped with work than the feeling of achieving a goal you set for yourself.

Create a checklist of to do’s and tick them off when you finish each individual task. Setting a time limit for each task will also help you to stay motivated and more organized when you are overwhelmed.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself upon completion of a task is a great motivational tool that can keep you motivated when you are overwhelmed.

Rewards can trick your mind into being eager to complete tasks, this in turn will keep you motivated and increase your productivity.

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Self-discipline and commitment

When you begin a task, commit to it and do not give up. Find a creative way of doing things and try to look at the task from a different perspective.

Do not think of quitting as an option. See it out to the end. Every time, you stop your current task and start a new one you need to warm up and gain momentum for the new task again so see a task through till the end.

Try some soft background music

Music has some calming effects which can which can help you relax when you feel overwhelmed.

Remember, you cannot work properly if you are in a state of panic. Some melodic music with no vocals usually does the trick.

Try to reduce the stress in your environment

Trying to achieve tasks in a stressful environment can prove to be a challenging undertaking.

Try by all means to ensure that your desk is clean and free from clutter and get rid of any noise that you can. This will help you remain focused while doing your tasks. Your physical environment is a reflection of your internal state.

Getting yourself in the act of organizing things outside your work helps you organize things in your work.

Avoid distractions

Try by all means to stay away from things that might distract you while you are performing your tasks.

Things such as constantly checking your phone or talking to someone whilst performing a task can steal time from you and make you lose focus and motivation.

Put your phone on silent or vibration mode and put up a do not disturb sign on your desk so that people can know that you are busy.

How to stay motivated when overwhelmed at work