How to care for mental health during the Lockdown

How can you take care of your mental health during the Lockdown?

It is crazy to see just how much the world has changed in a short period of time.

I remember the end of 2019 when we were all looking forward to the year 2020 and all the things we were going to achieve.

But then, we find ourselves living confined between four walls in our homes, schools and businesses shut, and a mere greeting from a friend can prove to be fatal.

It has not been easy for many of us to adjust to these new circumstances. The times are so uncertain that the situation could easily lead to anxiety and depression. So how can you look after your mental health during the lockdown when you’re not even sure what might come next?

Here are a few tips and strategies you can use to stay sane and set yourself up for a healthier and happier tomorrow

Decide you are going to defeat this

It is important to start with the mind. A positive attitude is helpful to get someone through any situation. Decide that you are not going to let the situation drag you down emotionally.

When you affirm this constantly, your mind will play along and you are likely to come out stronger

Declutter your space

You are spending a lot of time inside and confined. Hence, if you have too many things in the house or things that are not organized properly, you need to declutter and create neat spaces for a beautiful ambience.

Be considerate of others

Being stuck inside is far from something we are all used to. If you live in a family setting, you are going to be spending a lot more time in close quarters with the people you love.

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Whether that’s your housemates or your family members, it’s a good idea to practice consideration with household etiquette.

Showing little kindnesses for the people you live with, such as sharing cooking responsibilities or doing the dishes can help defuse the tensions in the house.

And don’t think that the little things go unnoticed.

mental health during lockdown

 Make up a routine and follow it

The lockdown has many of us working from home, and that can be great for your mental health because it reduces on the commute. It can however be quite challenging to fit in your home life with your work life.

Therefore, you need to create a routine that you would have in the office and create a similar work space.

Try to set up a designated office space and get up, get dressed and maintain your regular working hours. The more you stick to this, the more normal things will start to feel over time.

Do something fun and challenging

Is there some DIY project you have been meaning to do? This is the time to embark on it, you can decorate your room, improve your fitness, and learn a new language, a musical instrument or some new recipes.

You might even use this time to launch a new online business like blogging or online teaching. Not only will this help you be more productive, but it’s also going to give you less time to worry about things you can’t control hence protecting your mental health during the lockdown.

Practice self-care

It is very important to be gentle with yourself at a time like this. Practice some extreme self-care by setting aside time each day for the things you love.

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For example, right now is a perfect opportunity to get lost in a good book you’ve been meaning to make time for.

You can also try out things like mindfulness meditation and yoga or creating a DIY spa for your skin care needs.  

Join a charity movement

You might be wondering, “How can I volunteer when I am locked inside my house?”

There are plenty of charities looking for people to help out online. You can even reach out to those in need right from the safety and security of your own home.

Social networking apps like Zoom and Skype can help you video conference with lonely seniors stuck at home during the lockdown or parents struggling with home-schooling their children.

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