How to stop negative thinking completely

Are you a constant worrier?

Do you find yourself constantly thinking negatively about your job, your life, your relationships, your kids?

Do you find yourself wondering about such questions as:

Why is everything so overwhelming?

Why do I constantly feel like I’m not good enough?

Why is everyone against me?

If you identify with any of these feelings, you need to address them as quickly as possible because they definitely have an impact on your mental, emotional and physical well- being and have the potential to block you from achieving your goals.

Here are 5 key tips to help you stop negative thinking completely and experience happiness and success in your life.

Become self-aware

It is important that you become aware of what you are thinking.

You need to first of all understand what negative thoughts you are having.

Get a journal and get deep within you. Ask yourself: why am I feeling like this? What do I believe about myself?

Oftentimes, people experience negative thoughts because they are simply not satisfied with where they are at in life.

It is easy to keep thinking your current hardships will continue way into the future without any hope of relief. If this is how you feel, write it down.

The beliefs we have about ourselves are also a source of severe negative thinking. “I am not good enough” is a negative thought that is very popular today and has robbed many people of their dreams and aspirations.

Do you think you are not good enough? Write it down in a journal. Write down every negative thought or feeling that you are experiencing so that you are fully aware of it.

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Acknowledge the source of your negative thinking

Once you have unpacked and written down all of your negative thoughts, you need to find out where they stem from.

What is causing you to experience such feelings?

For example, some people may feel that they are not good enough because they grew up being compared to other people.

 Perhaps you had siblings or friends growing up that would excel in academics or sports more than you did and would receive constant praise for it.

This might have caused you to feel left out and form beliefs that you are not that good at anything.

You might grow into adulthood believing that other people will always be better than you.

Some negative thoughts are patterns that were taught to us by the people we grew up with, for instance our parents.

You might have grown up with a father perhaps who believed that the reason why you were poor is because rich people are greedy and they have taken up all the money or that the government was not doing enough to improve the lives of the people.

This type of thinking can be transmitted and impressed upon a child and form a set of beliefs that their thoughts come from.

If these or other types of negative thoughts are ingrained in you, you need to acknowledge their source so that you can begin to do something about them.

Release by letting go of your negative thinking

Having seen and realized where your negative thoughts come from, it is time to release them.

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You can do this by sitting quietly and releasing them. Quietly say, “I see you negative thought, I understand where you came from, but I am not going to let you have power over me.

The more you do this, the more you neutralize the power of your destructive thoughts. 

Sometimes, you do not even have to engage them at all.  Just observe, don’t fight back or judge them and eventually they just go away.

Create new beliefs about yourself

The beliefs we have about ourselves are deeply impressed on our minds.

To get rid of the negative beliefs , we have to stay committed and consistent.

Write down your beliefs and begin to change them.

For example, if you feel you are not good enough, you can write something like, “I feel that I am not good enough to achieve ……..because I grew up believing that other people were better than me in……., BUT, this simply is not true because I now am …………. (E.g. skilled, committed or believe in myself).”

The other way to do it is by taking 2 differently coloured pens, say a black pen and a red pen.

Write your old beliefs in a black pen and your new beliefs in a red one. Be sure to add the reasons for your new beliefs so that you brain can assimilate it and understand that there has been a mindset shift because some action was taken and effort was put forth to change. Read these every day for at least 21 days.

Replace Negative thoughts with Positive ones

The other way to get rid of destructive thoughts is to simply ask yourself, “is this thought useful?” Oftentimes, you will realize that it does not serve you at all.

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Shift your mind and replace it with a positive thought, perhaps something you are looking forward to or a happy memory you experienced.

It is believed that thoughts make up our reality. Therefore, negative thoughts will result into a negative reality while positive thoughts will result into a positive one.

You can make the choice today to choose positive thoughts only. It will not be easy because the negative thinking is a pattern that was developed over a long period of time but, it can still be broken by forming a new pattern of positive thinking that will result in a much happier lifestyle.