How To Stop Constant Worry About Money

How often do you get stressed out with worry about money?

Living in these harsh economic times can be hard especially with the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Covering of human basic needs and paying of bills is becoming increasingly difficult for some people.

However, is it possible that we can put our worries about money aside and live life stress free? I believe that it is. Here are a few suggestions on how to stop worrying about money.

Firstly, we need to understand that it is not a strange thing to worry about money. Even those who are financially comfortable still worry about money and their financial future at times.

Even though it is normal, it is not healthy to do so. The constant worry and anxiety can affect both your physical and mental health, your relationships with others and your productivity as a person.

1.  Make a Plan

Make a plan of how you are going to resolve your money problems.

A plan is a very effective way to be in control of your finances, and being in control will give you a sense of confidence and direction.

If you have perhaps recently lost your job, make a plan on what you are going to do next, where you are going to get your next income. Whether it is sending out a resume per day or starting a small business, you need to get on it fast.  This will keep you to be productive and will reduce your idle time hence no opportunities for worry.

As you make your plans, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Try out different things in the beginning to see which one sticks and then be consistent with that plan.

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Eventually, you will find that you had been so busy being productive and had no time to worry.

It is also wise to create multiple streams of income by venturing into 2 or 3 small businesses. Ensure that some income streams are passive so that your attention is not divided hence affecting your productivity.Here are some suggestions to help you stop your worry about money.

2. Spend Wisely

It is important to spend money wisely especially if you do not have enough to meet all your needs. Having a budget and sticking to it is a nice way to get started.

Have a healthy measure of financial discipline so that you don’t go outside of your budget often or splurge on unnecessary things such as a sale at your favorite clothing store.

Of course this does not mean that you become stingy to others or even to yourself. Once in a while buy yourself something nice. Avoid the scarcity mindset as this may lead to more financial problems.

3.  Take time to practice gratitude

When you constantly worry about money, there is a tendency to forget on what is going right and the progress you are making and focus only on what is going wrong. This attitude can make things worse for you and sap the joy out of your life.

 If you do not sit back and take time to take account of your progress, you may begin to feel like you are not doing anything. A good way on how to worry less about money is to focus on the positives and be grateful for what is working.

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If you feel that nothing is working as regards your money problems, you have other things to be grateful for, like your health, the roof over your head, food on your plate, your loyal loved ones etc. there is always something to be grateful for so you need to focus on that and get yourself in high spirits.

As an exercise,  write down the progress you are making financially and meditate on them; this would, in turn, keep you motivated to do more and eradicate any form of worry.

Gratitude is a very effective way on how to worry less about money. You may not know how much progress you are making until you reflect. Check the financial goals you have set and see how much progress you have made. If you are lagging behind, still be grateful and contemplate on the fact that things can change for the better anytime.

4.  Live in the present

It is okay to be concerned about the future, but it is not okay to worry about it. As the saying goes “worrying about tomorrow saps today of its joy”.

If you let yourself get obsessed with what-ifs questions on how your lot would turn out, you will begin to be miserable. Worrying can quickly develop into fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Therefore, focus on today. Remember, the tomorrow you worried about yesterday is actually today, and then realize that nothing bad has happened today. So quit making up terrible scenarios in your head about your future. Those situations might never even happen.

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However, focusing on today does not mean that you live without a plan or you decide to go through life with the “you only live once” mentality. Be realistic and make a plan for tackling your finances and live within your means.

5. Replace Fear with Faith

The main cause of worry is fear. Your worry about money stems from the fact that you are so afraid of what the future holds.

However, worry will not make things any better. Worry can actually make you so desperate that you even engage in get-rich-quick, or get-rich-doing-nothing schemes that make you lose even more money.  Plan for the future but do not be so agitated and anxious that it leaves you no peace at all.

Life is a journey that is to be lived step by step. Trust that as you continue working consistently to address your money problems, your situation will change.

If you believe in God, pray over it so that he can give your peace and calmness of mind and bless the work of your hands.

how to stop worry about money